Welcome from the Head of Southlands College

Christopher Stephens

Roehampton is made up of four colleges, each with long and rich histories. Every member of the university, staff and student, is also a member of a college, and this will come to mean as much to you as being part of Roehampton itself.

Being a member of Southlands College brings lots of opportunities for engaging more fully with the university, to make friends, develop skills and build your CV, and to ensure you have an enjoyable time at Roehampton. You can join college teams, societies, leadership programmes and learning events. You will also find yourself invited to college social activities ranging from informal film and quiz nights to large, formal dinners with hundreds of other Southlanders. Information about these opportunities can be found on these web pages, and also in the College Guide.

Our approach to living and working together is grounded in our College’s strongly held values. These are shaped by our long history and our continuing relationship with the Methodist Church, which founded our college in 1872.

Our college community is a very diverse one. Students and staff come from all over the planet, speak numerous languages, practice many religions, look, think and behave in many different ways. Part of the college experience includes the opportunity to get to know people with different backgrounds, skills and interests to your own, to learn from them, and to become a more understanding and inclusive person. Above all, at Southlands we value the dignity of all people and encourage respect, kindness and inclusivity.

Do feel free to come and talk to me or any member of the college team whenever you would like. Whatever you are studying, I wish you every success and look forward to getting to know you during your time here.

Dr Christopher Stephens
Head of Southlands College