The University of Roehampton Partnership

At the University of Roehampton we value the experience of working together with our students, which is why we actively encourage a shared responsibility - a partnership - in determining how we teach, how we focus our resources and how we decide upon our priorities.

A strong sense of community, building on 175 years of history, makes Roehampton a stimulating and inspiring place in which to study, work and live. Our students play a vital part in creating and maintaining this atmosphere. Below are some of the ways in which this partnership with our students works in practice.

Student Senate

Through Student Senate, our students have the opportunity to discuss their priorities and feedback on their experiences. They are consulted on all important institutional matters, including university strategies and policies relating to teaching, student facilities and resources. The Student Senate is a consultative and advisory body that reports regularly both to Senate and to Council.

The University provides Student Senate with an annual budget of £50,000 to fund student-led projects of its members' choosing. Since its inception, students have elected to allocate their budget towards various initiatives, inlcuding a campus bicyle-hire scheme, new learning resources and support for the Students' Union media services.

Student representation

Students are represented on all major committees of Senate and Council relevant to teaching, learning and the wider student experience. This ensures direct student input in the decisions that affect them. For example, our Students' Union are represented on the committees which shape our curriculum and improve the way in which our teaching is delivered.

Within our six academic faculties and schools, our students play a key role in committees and working groups. Programme representatives help to ensure the student voice is acted upon. Coupled with an extensive range of annual student surveys and focus groups, this ensures student feedback is intergral to how our schools plan their teaching, research and other activities.

The Student Charter

Together with the Roehampton Students' Union, the University has developed a Student Charter. This is a statement of mutual intentions and expectations, which are put into practice through various policies, regulations and handbooks. You can read the Student Charter here.

The Alumni Relationship

Our partnership with students is life-long. Once they leave Roehampton and embark on their careers, they join our vibrant alumni community. Being a Roehampton alumnus means the University remains a partner with our graduates throughout their careers, helping them to build the networks they need to succeed.