Research Students

The Department of Psychology’s vibrant research community includes students studying for the following degrees:

Please see below for details of some of the research student projects currently underway:

Atiah Almaleky
Research project: Email communications between organisations from different cultural backgrounds.

Fatoş Bayraktar
Research project: Psychological Well-Being, Romantic Relationship Patterns and Divorce/Marriage Attitudes of Emerging Adults in Cyprus.

Israel Berger
Research project: Gesture and silence in social interaction from a conversation analytic perspective.

Lynette Chesson
Research project: Developmental psychology - investigating the acquisition and development of literacy skills in young children as they progress through the first years of primary education.

Nathan Critchlow
Research project: A study into the use of social media, and the alcohol industry’s promotional activity to engage with young people.

Constantina Demetriou
Research project: Mental health of young people in Cyprus. The influence of family on mental health needs among children and adolescents in community and clinical settings.

Shems Marzouq
Research Project: Researching achievement motivation.

Tony McSherry
Research project: The therapeutic effects of psychiatric/mental health nursing and how this is promoted in nurse education

James Munro
Research project: Investigating the properties of mirror neurons.

Geraldine O'Hare
Research Project: Sexual offending: predictors of recidivism.

Katere Pourseied
Research project: Development of an Intervention program, based on principles of Cognitive-Behavioural-Therapy and Emotion Regulation to reduce levels of Social Anxiety in Children

James Rackie
Research project: “Found in translation: The relationship between mode of learning and subjective experience”.

Brett Raymond-Barker
Research project: 'Constructing the Moral Compass: The Role of Emotions in Moral Orientation.'

Marina Rova
Research project: Embodying kinesthetic empathy as an intersubjective phenomenon and clinical intervention – a practice based study combining dance movement psychotherapy, phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience.

Josephine Simister
Research project: Personal and social factors in taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle (in particular seeking a healthier weight), using Identity Structure Analysis.

Fan Zhang
Research project: The utility of narrative stems in diagnosing childhood Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The psychological and physiological pictures.