Brett Raymond-Barker

Programme: MPhil/PhD Psychology

Qualifications/Memberships: First Class Honours, BSc Psychology, University of Roehampton (2011)

Research project: 'Constructing the Moral Compass: The Role of Emotions in Moral Orientation'

Research Summary: The research project focuses on recent advances in philosophy and moral psychology that aim to escape from 'Hume's Guillotine'; that there is no way to move from a descriptive statement about how the world is, to a prescriptive statement about how the world should be. The most promising line of approach comes from an established mapping between emotions and moral domains, where certain types of ethical violation tend to elicit certain emotions (i.e. stealing tends to elicit anger). However, the mapping is currently limited to ethical violations and emotions of blame, with little attention given to emotions of praise and positive ethical actions. Studies as part of this research examine responses to morally praiseworthy actions, reasoning about vice and virtue, and the influence of emotions in moral dilemmas. These aim to explore whether the mapping approach can be extended to emotions of praise and the moral good, how this relates to emotions of blame and moral wrongs, and how this advances the potential for the empirical discovery of cross-cultural moral values.

Supervisors: Dr. Gina Pauli, Dr. Amanda Holmes


Martin Glachan Prize for Outstanding Psychology Dissertation, University of Roehampton (2011).

Recognition on the Head of Department’s Commendation List for Academic Excellence, University of Roehampton (2011).


'Replicating the CAD Triad Mapping of Emotions to Moral Domains' (in preparation)

Conference activities

Oral presentations

'How to empirically discover a moral wrong', Psychology Student Conference, University of Roehampton (28/04/2011).


Co-organising the third Psychology Student Conference, University of Roehampton (28/04/2011).

Teaching activities

Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton (2012, 2013). Lecture on 'Emotions & Morality' as part of third year Practical Thinking and Creativity module.

Personal Tutor, University of Roehampton (2012, 2013). Marking and providing feedback for student assignments across a range of first year modules, and providing tutorial sessions for students.

Other projects

Student Performance System Development, University of Roehampton (2011 - current). - This project aims to develop initiatives from the Psychology Department, which have been shown to reduce non-completion rates on the programme, into an online system that is useful for both students and staff in providing an overview of student performance.