Fan Zhang

Research project: The utility of narrative stems in diagnosing childhood Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The psychological and physiological pictures. Supervisors: Dr Steve Farnfield; Professor Cecilia Essau I am interested in children and adolescents’ experience in trauma, as well as how their psychological and physiological beings transform as a result of the traumatic experience. Among a fair, however, by no means extensive, range of childhood trauma assessment tools, narrative stems have shown promising potential through some early stage research. This assessment was initially intended for children’s attachment styles in a non-invasive manner that is appropriate to children’s developmental stages. But how would it do when assessing trauma? There has been some research work under way. However, this will be the first time where the consistency between narrative stems, psychometric tests and the physiological characteristics of childhood PTSD is investigated systematically. My other research interests also include: childhood sexual abuse, mental health in people with learning disabilities, Complicated Grief, Theory of mind, eye tracking in Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and child protection policies.