Fatos Bayraktar

Research project:Psychological Well-Being, Romantic Relationship Patterns and Divorce/Marriage Attitudes of Emerging Adults in Cyprus.

Supervisors: Professor Cecilia Essau and Dr Catherine Gilvarry

Research Summary: This project aims to explore the psychological well-being, romantic relationship patterns and divorce/marriage attitudes of emerging adults (18-30 years of age) who are coming from divorced or married families in Cyprus. This research mainly focuses on how the psychological well-being of adult children coming from divorced families are affected by divorce in relation to their coping mechanisms, family relationships and family structure after divorce. The research also investigates how the romantic relationship patterns and attitudes towards marriage and divorce would differ among the adults coming either from divorced or married families. Due to the lack of research on divorce in Cyprus in which divorce rates has reached enormous proportions in the last decade, this study attempts to investigate the influence of divorce on adult children in the light of risk and resiliency perspective by using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Biography: Fatos had her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Near East University in Cyprus. She then completed her MSc degree in Developmental Psychology at Lancaster University, UK. As a result her continuing interests in the fields of Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology, she has started a PhD in Psychology at the University of Roehampton.