Nathan Critchlow

Research project: A study into the use of social media, and the alcohol industry’s promotional activity to engage with young people.

Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Gilvarry (Director of Studies) & Professor Cecilia Essau (Co-Supervisor)

Biography: Although originally from the Lake District, I completed my undergraduate education in Manchester, graduating in 2011 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology. This undergraduate experience helped to develop an interest in forensic psychology, and I subsequently completed the MSc Investigative and Forensic Psychology at The Centre for Investigative Psychology at The University of Liverpool, graduating in 2012. During my undergraduate and post-graduate studies I spent two years working on a collaborative project between the universities and Merseyside Police, exploring the potential for veracity detection in serious sexual assault cases. Following completion of my post-graduate degree I joined the doctoral research department at Roehampton University to complete a PhD.

Area of research: The over-consumption of alcohol by young people is compounded by increased exposure to alcohol marketing via web-based games, social networking and other online forms of entertainment. My research aims to explore digitally-based engagement strategies to investigate attitudes, expectancies and social anxiety in young people in relation to their exposure to alcohol-related implicit and explicit messages on the internet. I am particularly keen to call on my experiences from a forensic background to help investigate both established and new risk factors, and aiming to develop research which helps shape intervention practices. My research represents a collaborative project between; The Department for Psychology - Roehampton University, Salvation Army UK and the Centre for Health Service Studies – The University of Kent.