Shems Marzouq

Research Project: Researching achievement motivation.
Supervisors: Dr Lance Slade; Dr Amanda Carr
People are motivated to learn and achieve for lots of different reasons. There is increasing support for Achievement Goal Theory, that what motivates us can also influence our educational outcomes. I am fascinated by a recent proposal in motivation theory, the 2 x 2 achievement goal model (Elliot, 1999; Pintrich, 2000). To date this model has been measured with self report methods. In my doctoral research I am a) looking into the validity of existing measures, and b) developing an alternative to self-report by adapting the Implicit Association Test (Greenwald et al., 1998) which is a computerised sorting task with a reaction time outcome. I am also interested in research methods and statistics, particularly psychometric methods including PCA, CFA and SEM. I’m keen to learn more about person-centred techniques such as Cluster Analysis.
I have taught on RM1 and RM2, Family to School, and have guest lectured on Family to School and Peer Assisted Learning.
Student representation
I represent research students on the Psychology Department Committee, the Graduate School Committee, and the Whitelands College Forum.