Research projects

Examples demonstrating our breadth of funded research include:

Mick Cooper’s investigation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of School-based Humanistic Counselling (ETHOS), funded by the ESRC (£830,000, 2016);

Cecilia Essau’s research investigating the extent to which the life outcomes of young persons who go to university are affected by their social inequality groupings and mental health and well-being during adolescence, also funded by the ESRC (£217,581, 2020) and by the MRC and Newton Fund Impact Scheme (together with Leigh Gibson, total = £523, 2017 and 2020);

Leigh Gibson’s work on an intervention to improve healthy energy balance-related behaviours in 4-6 year old children in rural and urban settings in Malaysia, funded by the Medical Research Council (£310,553, 2017);

Paul Allen’s study evaluating the feasibility of a real-time functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (rtfMRI) protocol for attentional bias modification in people with high trait anxiety, supported by the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust and Rosetrees Trust (£61,100, 2016 and 2018);

Stuart Semple’s investigation of emotional awareness as a basis for social success in the domestic horse, funded by the Leverhulme Trust (£285,389, 2013)