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Teacher Apprenticeship
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Level 6 (postgraduate)


1 year

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June 2023
September 2023

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Ofsted Outstanding Provider

Do you want to inspire young people and help change lives? Would you like to enjoy a great starting salary and a rewarding career? The Roehampton Teaching Apprenticeship offers all of this. Being able to educate and inspire future generations, seeing young children grow and develop with your help in unlike any other job. This apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for those with a passion for teaching to combine on the job training with academic study at one of the largest and highly rated providers of teacher training in the UK. Apprentices can choose to focus on either primary or secondary and will follow the same programme structure as our PGCE.  

As one of the UK’s leading and longest-running providers of teacher education, we can offer you the best foundation for a successful career in the profession. Completion of this one year course will provide you with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from one of the highest rated providers in the country. The PGCE at Roehampton will provide you with 60 credits towards a master's qualification.

If you study for a teaching apprenticeship at Roehampton you will be taught by a supportive, passionate and driven team of academic staff who are all specialists in their subject areas. Our academic staff strive to ensure you receive the best education and will encourage you to become a confident and successful teacher. We also have a range of support departments to help you with everything from dealing with money matters, to support with your studies.

This postgraduate course gives you the tools to build a successful career in teaching while providing a holistic view of the profession; you will look at the role of the child, the curriculum and the teacher. You can choose to study at Primary level or at Secondary across a range of subjects.

You will study a range of modules which will hone your expertise and effectiveness as a teacher. You will learn how to manage a classroom, how planning and preparation contribute to the effectiveness of your teaching, how best to work with parents and other adults, and gain an understanding of children’s behaviour.

Our subject rooms are set up to include resources you will find in a classroom environment. This is important for your full immersion into the school environment and familiarity with the way classrooms are structured, and the type of resources teachers need on a daily basis.

Two assessed teaching placements in our partner schools will provide you with invaluable hands-on work experience giving you the confidence for your future career and a better understanding of how teaching works in practice. The opportunity to review pedagogy in other schools is also provided.

All our academic staff have extensive teaching experience in schools, and many have served in local authorities or subject associations as advisory teachers, as Ofsted inspectors or as consultants. This means that our programmes are based on the reality of the classroom and the education system. Many work at the cutting edge of research in teacher education, which has a positive impact on the quality of provision for all of our students.

Course Content

This one year programme will build your confidence in the classroom and will provide you with the subject knowledge to effectively teach the whole primary curriculum.

The Primary programme is for primary teachers of children aged 3-11 years old.  This route covers both the core and wider primary curriculums. Apprentices will attend the University campus one day a week, most likely on a Friday. 

The Secondary programme is for secondary school teachers for children aged 11-16 years old (11 – 18 years for Business and Economics, Dance, English, History, Psychology and Social Sciences). At Roehampton we offer all the national curriculum subjects, giving apprentices a wide choice of specialism. Apprentices will attend the University campus one day a week, most likely on a Wednesday. 

All apprentices will complete the professional studies module which includes topics such as education theory, special educational needs, how to work with parents and best practice in a classroom.   

Apprentices will be supported throughout the programme by our experienced tutors.  

For a full breakdown of the course content and modules please see either:  

PGCE Primary 

PGCE Secondary

Career Options

Completion of this one-year course will provide you with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from one of the highest rated providers in the country. You can go on to work as a teacher in primary or secondary schools 

How to apply

Employers – If you are an employer and would like to offer apprenticeships at your organisation, please get in touch with us by emailing apprenticeships@roehampton.ac.uk  

We can provide you with all the information and guidance you need to set these up.  

Student – If you are interested in completing this apprenticeship yourself, please speak to your employer to see if they offer an apprenticeship programme. We would be more than happy to speak to them about setting one up, so please do ask them to get in touch with us if they don’t have something in place.  


Apprentices are based in their employing school for the majority of their training year, but there is also a requirement for a 6-week* placement in a second, contrasting school to increase the apprentice’s breadth of experience. These weeks will include the regular on-campus days at Roehampton.

For both placements (host and contrasting), primary apprentices should be placed in one class, with an experienced class teacher; apprentices should not be allocated to a class as the only teacher. Apprentices will require half a day of PPA time per week, to be taken with their class teacher, who will offer support with planning and preparation. Class teachers will observe their apprentice weekly, and hold a weekly review meeting with their apprentice following this observation (1 hour).

* 12 weeks if the employing school is a Special School to meet the requirements to gain QTS.