Undergraduate tuition fees and costs – UK students

The tuition fee for your course, which is listed on the relevant course pages of our website and will be confirmed in any offer letter you are sent, contributes to providing the learning resources, staff contact time and support services that we provide.

If you are on a multi-year course, for example a part time master's, then you should budget for a likely increase of between 3 and 5% for each further year of study with us on the same degree. The fees rise each year to allow for a combination of factors, including inflation. However, the percentage rise is not necessarily the same as the rate of inflation in any one year, because inflation is just one factor of many which are considered when we set our fees. Any changes for the following academic year will ordinarily be confirmed by 1 January each year. UK undergraduate fees are regulated by the government.

Part time postgraduate students on two-year programmes

Please note that part time master's students will be offered a range of different payment schedules across their two years of study. If they pay their year’s fees upfront each year they enrol, a 2% discount will be applied, otherwise payment can be made in up to seven instalments depending on the amount of credits gained in each year. Students in receipt of a SLC postgraduate loan will pay in three instalments (33%,33%,34%) across the duration of the course.

Other costs

Students undertaking certain programmes and courses may be required to pay an additional fee to cover part or all the cost of special equipment, consumables or facilities over and above the tuition fee. Where applicable these mandatory course costs include field trips, travel costs and attendance at performances. We encourage you to check with the relevant course pages when you choose your modules so that you are aware of any extra costs you will incur.

What happens to your money?

We aim to set fees at a fair level that covers the cost of your degree, and ensures sustainability of our University, and that can allow us to provide the teaching and research facilities that help us provide an excellent experience for our students and give us an international reputation for quality. At Roehampton 95% of the tuition fee you pay will be spent directly on your education – one of the highest proportions in the country.

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The University has a range of procedures and regulations covering student fees:

Find out about financial support and scholarships

Undergraduate funding (UK)
Undergraduate funding (EU)

Postgraduate funding (UK)
Postgraduate funding (EU)

If you are an international students, please visit our dedicated international fees and funding pages.

Advice for EU nationals

Students from EU countries starting studies in 2020/21 academic year will be eligible for home fees and student loan funding. Further advice is available here.