Students applying for 2017-18 can apply here from February/March 2017.

DO NOT apply now if you want accommodation for September.

A deposit does not need to be paid when you apply.

You must have a firm offer from the University and your Roehampton Student ID number which can be found on your letter/email of confirmation from the University. The number begins with the first three letters of your surname. It may also be referred to as your Student reference. If you should have any difficulty with locating this, please contact Admissions.

The accommodation process is aligned with the University's student recruitment aims and its core strategies.

Students who were required to leave University accommodation because of behaviour or have rental arrears for university accommodation are not eligible to apply. Any applications in these cases will be cancelled.

How to complete the online application

Please ensure that you read about all the different residences available on On Campus page, and consider the cost and suitability of what you are applying for. You must select a preferred College for your accommodation and then select the room types (you must specify a different type for each preference; the application goes by room type not individual residence in order of your preference). Please note that the room types options aren't an indication that those rooms are available, but we still need you to put them into order of preference so that we can try to meet your preferences as much as possible, depending on date of application and room availability. Many students prefer to live close to their academic departments but you don't have to. Check College membership to see where your classes will be held.

Please include all additional information which will help us to place you in the most suitable accommodation (for instance if you prefer to live on a particular floor or in a single-sex flat).

If you have a medical condition or disability which means you need a particular room, please include this information. Please note that you MUST complete and return a self-assessment form part of which is obtaining confirmation from a medical professional to confirm and explain why it is necessary to have a specific type of accommodation: Self-assessment form

You need to enter your details on the online form as shown below:

Information required Example
Roehampton Student ID DOE08269576
Surname Doe
Forename Jane
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) 01/01/1995

Make sure your email address is valid between your application and your arrival and check your junk mail folders for any messages.

Accepting a room
To accept a room you will need to follow the instructions in your offer email and pay the deposit, provide payment details and agree the Terms and Conditions. When you accept your offer, this is a legally binding contract. There is no notice period in your contract. This means that if you decide to live somewhere else for example, you will still have to pay the rent until the end of the contract or until the room is re-let. Please don't worry if people get sent a room offer before you do. We around 2000 rooms to allocate so room offers are sent over a period of time.