Access to Student and Graduate Talent

Roehampton connects businesses with our values-led and work-ready students and graduates, equipped with the knowledge, critical insight and behaviours to help businesses to solve problems, work on strategic projects and move your organisation forward.

We work with you to find tailored solutions to your recruitment needs and are keen to develop relationships with organisations who can offer work experience, graduate roles, industry insights, and mentorship for our students.

Please contact our team to get more detailed information on requirements, processes, and to discuss the best way to support your business:
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At the heart of our business ready approach sits a range of work-focused learning activities which provide our students with practical business experience to complement their university studies that in turn make a valuable contribution to your organisation and help you grow your business:

Work placements and internships are periods of temporary work, where projects provide value to  businesses and students have the opportunity to gain experience working within an organisation. This is a great way to nurture future talent and resource a project or gap in resources.

Students from any discipline are able to complete work placements as part of their course or extra-curricular internships.

Talk to our Placements Office about working with students across all departments on placements and internships including our match-funded Roehampton Internship Scheme, where SMEs can access up to a maximum of £1500 funding per Roehampton intern. The scheme is kindly supported by Santander Universities.

Please email to find out more.

Is your organisation facing a particular commercial challenge? Roehampton Business School undergraduates and postgraduates are available to help you address a strategic business issue.  Our students will inject new ideas into your chosen business need that might not otherwise have been reviewed or developed, giving you additional resources at no extra cost with tangible outcomes, as agreed to suit the business and students’ academic outcomes. 

Undergraduates (working in teams) and Postgraduates (working individually) will be supervised by Business School academic staff. Students on any of the following courses can take part in the Business Consultancy Project:

Undergraduate programmes: Accounting, Business Management, Business Management and Economics, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Finance, Business Management and Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, and Marketing Communications.

Postgraduate programmes: Digital Marketing, Global Business Management, Global Financial Management, Global Human Resources Management, Global Marketing, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and MBA with Placement Year.

Organisations would need to identify a project supervisor who can provide the initial consultancy brief to the student(s), act as the main point of contact for the duration of the project and facilitate access to other people within the organisation to gather key information where required.

We are very happy to discuss your ideas for projects. The following example topics are intended to give you a flavour of the type of projects that may be suitable for our students. 

  • Feasibility studies or creation of a development plan for a new project or idea
  • Developing innovative new income streams
  • A review of Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • An employee retention plan

For more information, please email and one of the team will be pleased to help you.  

Our Employer Portal is free of charge and the best place to promote your vacancies for part-time job opportunities, graduate vacancies and volunteering. All our students, graduates and alumni are directed to our portal in searching for opportunities.

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For more information on statutory minimum wage requirements and employee legislature, please see the GOV.UK website.

Please note:

  • We are unable to provide support in sourcing students for applications.
  • We are not able to accept overseas or international opportunities at this time and will not be able to publish these to students.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish any vacancies we do not deem suitable for our students without providing a reason. Please consider that we have the best interests and safety of our students in mind at all times.

Career mentoring is one of the ways we help students and recent graduates realise their potential and build their own network of contacts so that they can develop successful careers. The scheme matches Roehampton students and recent graduates with an experienced professional to receive one-to-one career advice, support and guidance.

To join please go to Roehampton Connect to register, then create your own profile and go to the e-mentoring tab to set up your mentor services or needs. Mentoring may take place via telephone, in person, email or Skype according to what suits both the mentor and mentee.

Please contact should you have any queries.

We hold a variety of events each year that allow your business to promote your brand through industry insight presentations and skills workshops (that can be embedded in teaching or as a standalone event), employer spotlights, and career fairs.



Offering opportunities to Roehampton students has numerous benefits for your business, both in the short and long term:

  • Skilled and prepared students. Students will have a sound knowledge of their field of study and will be trained in key workplace skills before they start so that they can bring new skills and theory into your organisation and quickly add value.
  • Fill a skills gap on a project. Students can introduce fresh perspectives and approaches to your team or organisation, devote time to new projects, and cost-effectively test ideas.
  • Employee development. Your current employees can benefit from having a student in the team: they can learn about current research/theories in their field, be inspired by new ideas and enthusiasm and develop their own people management skills through delegation and mentoring.
  • Graduate recruitment. Often students on placement, or who have engaged with employers on a consultancy project, prove to be a great fit for the company and this can save on future recruitment costs.
  • Access to our leading research staff. Working with our students means you will also be able to benefit from engaging with our team of global expert staff.
  • Enhance your brand. As an organisation seen to be employing placement students or offering consultancy projects, you can increase your reputation as an employer of choice, and as a company that is willing to invest in future leaders.

Code of Practice

The University of Roehampton Careers and Placements teams abide by the Code of Practice and quality standards agreed between the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), the National Student Employment Services (NASES), the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD).