Clearing 2019

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We are open for Clearing: call us now on
0300 303 8320

(if you are calling from outside the UK please call +44 300 303 8320)

Our Clearing line is open:

  • Monday 19 August – Friday 23 August: 9am–5pm
  • Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Monday 26 August (Bank Holiday): 10am–3pm
  • From Tuesday 27 August, Monday–Friday: 9am–5pm

Please note if you are a current applicant holding an offer for Roehampton you should not call the Clearing line. For information about your status check your UCAS track page from 8am on Thursday 15 August. If you are not waiting for other results and for some reason your UCAS track is not updated by 9am please call the admissions team on 0208 392 3314 for advice.

Have the following ready when you call the Clearing line or contact us by live chat:

  • Your UCAS ID number if you have one. (Don't worry, we can help you even if you are not already in the UCAS system).
  • Make a list of your qualifications (including GCSEs) and the grades you achieved in each.
  • The title of the course you are interested in.

At this stage, offers will be provisional and will only be confirmed once you have accepted the offer. Please note that any offer made is subject to our terms and conditions and student contract.

Courses available through Clearing

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3-year degrees

Many of our courses are available as combinations. Please see below for details.

Course UCAS
Accounting 9A33 Single
Adult Nursing B740 Single
Ancient History V110 Single
Anthropology L600 Single
Biological Sciences C120 Single
Biological Sciences (Integrated Bsc and Msc) CC99 Single
Biomedical Science B940 Single
Business Management N190 Single
Business Management and Economics L100 Single
Business Management and Entrepreneurship N191 Single
Business Management and Finance N192 Single
Business Management and Marketing N193 Single
Classical Civilisation V901 Single
QV81 Combined
QV85 Combined
QV86 Combined
Creative Writing W801 Single
WW84 Combined
WQ83 Combined
PW38 Combined
PW58 Combined
Criminology M900 Single
ML93 Combined
Dance W500 Single
Dance (BFA) W501 Single
Digital Media DM17 Single
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies W440 Single
WW84 Combined
PWH4 Combined
Early Childhood Studies X310 Single
X347 Combined
Education Studies X300 Single
X347 Combined
English Language and Linguistics Q340 Single
PQ5J Combined
English Literature Q300 Single
WQ83 Combined
English Literature and History QV31 Combined
Film W600 Single
Film AND Creative Writing PW38 Single
PWH4 Combined
P391 Combined
WP63 Combined
History V100 Single
QV81 Combined
VV16 Combined
History and Philosophy VV15 Single
History and Politics V503 Single
Human Resource Management N600 Single
International Business N120 Single
Journalism P500 Single
PW58 Combined
PQ5J Combined
PP3M Combined
Law M100 Single
Law and Criminology ML61 Single
Marketing Communications N500 Single
Media, Culture and Identity PL33 Single
P391 Combined
PP3M Combined
PW36 Combined
Ministerial Theology (FdA) V610 Single
Ministerial Theology (GradDip) V611 Single
Nutrition and Health B400 Single
Philosophy V500 Single
QV85 Combined
VV15 Combined
VV56 Combined
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics V501 Single
Photography W640 Single
WP63 Combined
PW36 Combined
Primary Education: Foundation/KS1 4D22 Single
Primary Education: KS1/KS2 4N56 Single
Psychology C800 Single
Psychology and Counselling C845 Single
Psychology and Criminology MC98 Single
Social Anthropology AND Sociology LCH9 Combined
Sociology L300 Single
ML93 Combined
Sociology AND Social Anthropology LCH9 Combined
Sport and Exercise Sciences C602 Single
Sport Coaching C610 Single
Sport Psychology C813 Single
Theatre Practices and Production W400 Single
Theology and Religious Studies V600 Single
QV86 Combined
VV16 Combined
VV56 Combined
Therapeutic Psychology 3G90 Single
Zoology C300 Single
Zoology (Integrated Bsc and Msc) CC33 Single


4-year extended degrees

Course UCAS
Biological Sciences Extended Degree C100 Single
Business Management Extended Degree N121 Single
Business Management and Economics Extended Degree NL12 Single
Business Management and Entrepreneurship Extended Degree NN13 Single
Business Management and Marketing Extended Degree N501 Single
Classical Civilisation Extended Degree V902 Single
Criminology Extended Degree L311 Single
Criminology AND Sociology Extended Degree LL11 Combined
Digital Media Extended Degree W212 Single
Early Childhood Studies Extended Degree X110 Single
XX13 Combined
Education Studies Extended Degree X301 Single
XX13 Combined
English Language and Linguistics Extended Degree Q301 Single
English Literature Extended Degree Q302 Single
English Literature and History Extended Degree QV32 Combined
Film Extended Degree P303 Single
History Extended Degree V101 Single
Human Resource Management Extended Degree N173 Single
International Business Extended Degree N122 Single
Journalism Extended Degree P501 Single
Law Extended Degree M101 Single
Law and Criminology Extended Degree ML33 Single
Media, Culture and Identity Extended Degree P390 Single
Nutrition and Health Extended Degree B401 Single
Philosophy Extended Degree V502 Single
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Extended Degree V510 Single
Photography Extended Degree W641 Single
Psychology Extended Degree C801 Single
Psychology and Criminology Extended Degree MC99 Single
Sociology Extended Degree L101 Single
Sociology AND Criminology Extended Degree LL11 Combined
Sport and Exercise Sciences Extended Degree C600 Single
Sport Coaching Extended Degree C601 Single
Theology and Religious Studies Extended Degree V601 Single
Zoology Extended Degree C301 Single