Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations provide a framework to enable the University to confer its academic awards. They are designed to safeguard the institution's academic standards and ensure equitable and fair treatment of students registered on University programmes. Academic Regulations are applied consistently, in line with the University policies and procedures.

The University operates separate sets of regulations for taught degrees and for research degrees. There are also separate regulations for doctoral, as well as for Erasmus Mundus programmes.

Taught Degree Regulations for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes

For the Academic Year 2018-19

For the Academic Year 2017-18

For the Academic Year 2016-17

For the Academic Year 2015-16

Prior to September 2015 (for information only)

Research Degree Regulations

Doctor of Psychology (PsychD)

PsychD Counselling Psychology (from September 2018)
PsychD Counselling Psychology (prior to September 2007)
PsychD Counselling Psychology (from September 2007)
PsychD Psychotherapy and Counselling
PsychD Forensic Psychology

Doctor of Practical Theology Programme (DTh)

DTh Regulations 2018-19.pdf

Doctor of Education Programme (EdD)

EdD Joint Programme with Kingston University (prior to January 2006)
EdD Joint Programme with Kingston University (from January 2006 and prior to January 2012)
EdD Joint Programme with Kingston University (from January 2012)
EdD International

Erasmus Mundus Programmes

Erasmus Mundus MA Choreomundus
Erasmus Mundus MA Special and Inclusive Education

Academic Policies