Why study at Roehampton

  • Develop a global mind-set through exposure to intercultural and international business contexts.
  • During your second year, spend a semester studying abroad developing your cross-cultural skills and confidence to operate internationally.
  • You will acquire a strong understanding of business management and develop your ability to work internationally in marketing, finance or human resource management.
  • You will develop the knowledge and skills that employer’s value. Graduate ‘business ready’ with the ability to think critically, innovate, act responsibly and adapt to volatile, ambiguous and complex situations. 
  • During your first year of study, your classes will start no earlier than 10am, and your teaching will take place on the same two days each week*. This gives you the time to travel to campus, and the flexibility to fit your study around other commitments.

Our International Business programme will provide you with the skills and experience to work in an international business. It is designed specifically to develop you as a ‘business ready’ graduate: a confident, independent thinker with a detailed knowledge of international business and cross-cultural management, and equipped with the skills to adapt rapidly to change.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of organisations and their environments, including their relationships to society. Specialising in international business, at Roehampton you will focus on the ways businesses operate differently in home and overseas markets. This course will help you to develop an understanding of managing people, operations, logistics, marketing and finance. You will also learn how businesses can operate ethically and effectively in a culturally diverse environment.

In preparation for your future career, you will develop a range of skills that employers value: the ability to identify and solve business problems and to effectively communicate your ideas. Key attributes such as commercial acumen, self-reflection and emotional intelligence will be acquired, together with skills in research, numeracy and project management.

Our academics have a wealth of experience in organisations and will support you to connect your learning to the realities of business and management. You will be supported throughout in your personal development by Personal Tutors, who work with you to map your career development and provide guidance. Joining the Roehampton Business School you will gain access to an extensive range of employability events, including workshops and employer exhibitions. Alongside this, we provide a wide range of other opportunities to develop and learn, including a career mentoring scheme and student-led Business Society.

You will graduate confident about your personal values, with knowledge and experience to solve business problems ethically and with an ongoing passion for continuous personal and professional development.

Throughout your degree, the focus is on supporting you to develop, track and recognise your own increasing ability to add value to organisations. This is achieved through our Business Readiness module where, working with your Personal Tutor, you will gather evidence of your knowledge, skills and attributes.

In your first year, you will learn to recognise your personal strengths and weaknesses through a process of self-assessment and reflection, and understand your role in a team. You will practice these skills in a variety of team based scenarios. You will also establish an overview of business organisations in a global context and be introduced to key areas of business such as finance and marketing.

In your second year you will spend a semester studying abroad. This will develop your cross-cultural skills and confidence, and you will return home more globally minded. This will give you the opportunity to develop connections with people from a diverse range of cultures. While at Roehampton, you will study modules on Global and International Business Strategy, and International Business & Emerging Markets, enabling you to develop an extensive knowledge of international business.

In your third year, modules will include International Human Resource Management and Global Marketing, developing your international management skills. You will demonstrate your individual specialism, through a dissertation focusing on an aspect of international business that interests you.

Here our alumni share their experiences of Roehampton, tips for success and what they are doing now. 

Name: Aleksander Steinvoll
Degree: International Business 
Year of graduation: 2016
Current Job: Assistant for the Chief of Strategic Communications in the United Nation's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Why did you choose to study at Roehampton?
Living in London had been a dream of mine since first visiting the city as a child, and it was very important for me to choose a university that had good exchange programs in place. Roehampton had an exchange program with a highly recognised University in Beijing, so from there my choice was easy. The beautiful campus definitely helped ease my decision.

What did enjoy most about your time at Roehampton?
How vibrant and international Roehampton as a University is. I lived with people from every single continent (except for Antarctica) and worked in teams with people from backgrounds I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to work with. I believe this has been just as important as any of the specific modules I did when it came to preparing me for an increasingly competitive job market.

In my first job after graduation for example, I worked with people from many nationalities, so it was very important to be patient and culturally adaptable. Having experience working with people from different backgrounds has made the transition to working life easier.

What was the best aspect of your degree at Roehampton?
I truly enjoyed the freedom to choose modules from a variety of options. I chose modules that actually interested me, and from the start I could see how I could shape my degree allowing me to keep my options open.

What activities/projects/field trips you were involved in while at Roehampton?
Roehampton has so many societies, activities and events happening that you are bound to find something that appeals to you.

In my first year I did a leadership course with Common Purpose through the University. This was fantastic, as students from all departments came together and had workshops with leaders from both private and public sector organisations in London. I also volunteered at Queen Mary's Hospital across the road - visiting patients staying long-term, and as a "chicken keeper/farmer" for Growhampton taking care of 12 lovely chickens (this turned me into a vegetarian!). I also participated in making a movie with film students, took part in the college cup and charity events.

All of these activities were fun and an easy way to meet new people, as well as adding to my CV.

What are you doing now, and what kind of skills/knowledge did you gain through your degree which are helping you in your current role?

I am currently working as the assistant for the Chief of Strategic Communications in the United Nation's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York. I am dealing with administrative tasks very much related to my degree modules like accounting, HR and management and I keep on expanding my work portfolio.

If I hadn't had experience working in cross-cultural teams at Roehampton, adjusting to working in the UN would definitely have taken longer. There are 193 member nations of the United Nations, and there is great focus on maintaining diversity across the organisation. Knowing how to best function as a team with members of very different backgrounds has probably been the number one skill that has helped me in my role here at the UN.

Do you have any tips for current students, studying a similar degree to you, that will help them find a job once they graduate?

  • Keep an open mind. I applied for at least 80 different jobs and I had 5 interviews before being offered my first job. If I had been more specific about where and what kind of entry job I applied to, I would most likely have spent longer time finding a job.
  • Find a path you actually enjoy as no one knows for sure what the world of work will look like in the future.


What is business readiness?

Whether you want to work for a multi-national, SME or public sector organisation, our courses equip you with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to succeed in business management. Each of our undergraduate business degrees is underpinned by the idea of ‘business readiness’. While with us, you will engage with a three-year compulsory Business Readiness module. It will ensure that when you graduate, you will be able to demonstrate to employers the value that you can add to their organisation.

Why do I need to be business ready?

It is critical that you are able to stand out in the graduate job market. You will be able to evidence the knowledge, skills (including critical analysis, problem solving and expressing ideas verbally and in writing), and values, (your work ethos and resilience). These things combined make you ‘Business Ready’

Employers desire evidence of professional experience in the role that you are applying for. You will have a wealth of experiences gained through your course and through volunteering, part-time work experience, student projects, and other activities. The Business Readiness module, guides you in crafting experiences into a personal narrative that evidences the knowledge, skills and attributes that you could contribute to an organisation.

How do I become business ready?

Business ready is designed into all Roehampton Business School programmes, where every module has opportunities for you to practice and simulate business readiness and employability skills. Each module has three key components:

  1. Knowledge and Understanding – Theories and concepts
  2. Intellectual Skills –Applying theories and concepts to business situations
  3. Transferable Skills – The practical skills that employers value

The compulsory Business Readiness modules incorporate discussion and reflection. You will compile a list of the skills you are gaining and chart your development in a way that articulates how you can enrich the organisations that will employ you.

You will be encouraged to take advantage of opportunities beyond the classroom, run by the Business School and the broader University. These include:

  • Developing industry connections. Meeting fellow students and executives, managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals - many of whom are Roehampton alumni. With students from more than 140 countries on campus, and the opportunity to study abroad, you will be able to widen your network beyond the UK.
  • Presenting yourself to recruiters. As part of your degree, you will learn how to pitch yourself, how to evidence your attributes and skills, and how to highlight the added value you can offer organisations. You will get practical support with CVs and guided interview simulations.
  • Guest speakers. Over the course of your degree, you will hear from a range of guest speakers. Recent speakers have come from Haymarket Media Ltd, Santander and KPMG. You will also have the opportunity to visit companies and meet with business leaders.
  • Business Advisory Board. Our board of senior business leaders works to support the development of the Business School, ensuring that your degree reflects latest business.
  • Volunteering. Our students' union has an extensive volunteering programme, through which large numbers of our students work on projects that benefit our local community. There are also opportunities to get involved on campus, including as a programme rep, flat rep, student council rep, or on one of the sports teams.
  • Professional Body events. You will be encouraged to attend events organised by professional bodies, such as ACCA, CMI and CIPD, who accredit our degrees.
  • Roehampton Business Society (URBS). The URBS is a student-run society that brings together business students and professionals, provides opportunities to attend business events (both on campus and in London), and enter into national business competitions.

Career options

You’ll be equipped to work in international trade or banking, operations management, market research, international sales or marketing, and other roles within international companies.

*This currently applies to students in their first year only. 

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Single honours

Entry tariff

128 points

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Business School


3 years (full-time)

Tuition fees

£9,250 (2018; UK/EU)»

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Study Abroad

This course requires a semester abroad at one of our partner universities included as part of your degree.

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