Independent Members
Sir David Bell

Janet Cooper

Other Independent Members
Dennis Hone
Kevin Thomas
Sheena Pindoria
Phil Walker

Independent Member, with experience in HE from another university
Mark Allen

Independent Members nominated by the Colleges
Sister Lorna Brockett Digby Stuart
Sister Christine Edwards Digby Stuart
Sultana Choudhry Froebel
Rev. Margaret Jones Southlands

Rev.Dr Tim MacQuiban

vacancy Whitelands
vacancy Whitelands

Elected or Ex Officio Members
Professor Jean-Noël Ezingeard Vice-Chancellor
Daniel O'Donoghue Students' Union President
Professor Laura Peters Member nominated by Senate
Professor Ann David Elected by the academic staff
Nancy Richards Elected by the non-academic staff
Secretary Dr George Turner

 Council Members' Register of Interests - 2019/20