Council Membership

The composition of Council comprises up to 20 members: up to 15 independent members, of whom eight are nominated by the Providing Bodies of the four Colleges; the Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive; one member nominated by the University Senate; two elected staff representatives; and the President of the Students' Union. The current Chair of Council is Sir David Bell.

Council members attend Council meetings, normally held four times a year, and are appointed for a term of three years, which may be renewed for two further three-year periods and, exceptionally, the Chair and Vice-Chair only may be appointed for a final two-year term. The positions are not remunerated.

Members are appointed to bring their skills, knowledge and expertise. They are in sympathy with the vision and mission of the University and the ethos of the four Colleges. Members of Council act in a voluntary capacity and abide by the Code of Conduct and Statement of Responsibilities.

Type of Member Date of Appointment End of Term*
*Third or final term in bold
Independent Members
Sir David Bell 01.08.08 31.07.19

Nicholas Brookes 26.11.07 26.11.18

Other Independent Members
Janet Cooper 01.05.12 01.05.21
Dennis Hone 11.05.17 10.05.20
Kevin Thomas
17.05.18 17.05.21
Sheena Pindoria 01.08.18 01.08.21

Independent Member, with experience in HE from another university
Roger Dawe CB, OBE 08.03.10 07.03.19

Independent Members nominated by the Colleges
Sister Lorna Brockett Digby Stuart 20.05.16 19.05.19
Sister Christine Edwards Digby Stuart 26.06.17  25.06.20
Mark Neale CB Froebel 01.05.10 30.04.19
Sultana Choudhry Froebel 17.05.18 17.05.21
Rev. Margaret Jones Southlands 01.08.16 01.08.19
Vacancy Southlands    
Rev. James McKinney Whitelands 12.10.12 11.10.18
Brian Newey Whitelands 11.10.10 10.10.19

Elected or Ex Officio Members
Professor Paul O'Prey Vice-Chancellor Ex officio  
ChuChu Nwagu Students' Union President Ex officio  
Dr Laura Peters Member nominated by Senate 16.10.13 15.10.19
Dr Ann David Elected by the academic staff 16.03.15 16.03.21
Vacancy Elected by the non-academic staff