Organisation and Management

Below are profiles of our Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost, and senior officers of the University (the University Executive Board). Information on the University Executive Board and its terms of reference can be found here. The University's management structure is set out in an organisational chart.

Profiles for the University's Senior Ambassadorial Positions can be found here.

University Executive Board

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jean-Noël Ezingeard

Professor Jean-Noël Ezingeard took up his post as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Roehampton on 1 May 2019.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Professor Anna Gough-Yates

Anna Gough-Yates is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, and a Professor.  She joined Roehampton in 2015.

Chief Operating Officer, Tom Rowson

As Chief Operating Officer, Tom is responsible for key professional services across the University.

Director of Finance, Ian Pleace

Ian is Director of Finance, responsible for ensuring the sound financial management of the University's finances.

Executive Director of Strategy and External Relations, Liam Hurley

Liam is responsible for external relations and strategic development for the University.

University Secretary, Dr George Turner

George is the University Secretary at Roehampton. He has responsibility for supporting the University Council and has management responsibility for the work of the Governance and Legal Office.

Pro Vice-Chancellors

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Development and Sustainability), Professor Laura Peters

Laura's role is to support the delivery of the University’s sustainability strategy, with a particular focus on the academic staff base.

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and External Engagement), Dr Richard Keogh

Richard is responsible for matters concerning Research and External Engagement, including the development and implementation of the University's Research and Knowledge Exchange strategy.

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Education), Professor Leigh Robinson

Leigh is responsible for working with colleagues across the University to ensure that the University provides an exceptional and coherent learning experience and environment, which helps students achieve their academic potential and prepares them for graduate life.

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellors

Associate PVC (Academic Partnerships), Dr Stephen Driver

Stephen leads on academic partnerships at Roehampton. He works with colleagues to ensure the academic quality and commercial sustainability of the university’s collaborative provision in the UK and internationally.

Associate PVC (Academic Portfolio Development) and Dean of the School of Education, Professor Peter Flew

Peter's role is to support the delivery of the University’s sustainability strategy, with a particular focus on its academic portfolio in the context of the current and future Higher Education landscape.

Associate PVC (Internationalisation and Global Engagement), Professor Sunitha Narendran

Sunitha’s role is to develop and support internationalisation and global engagement and to deliver the university’s strategic international objectives.